What is this?

Hitman Roulette is a tool that aims to give new ideas on how to complete missions
in Hitman Blood Money and HITMAN 1-2 by giving a set of random guidelines to follow when playing. Currently it randomizes things such as entry point, kill order and kill method as well as a set of extra variables, some of which are generic and some mission specific. If you have any ideas for variables that could be randomized, do leave feedback and let me know.

What difficulty should I play on? Should I go for the Silent Assassin rating?

It's entirely up to you. You're the one deciding how strictly you follow the randomized instructions. The main goal of the roulette is to give new ideas for different approaches so if you get an interesting route idea that doesn't follow the instructions, I encourage you to go for it anyway. Especially in missions like ADWTD having a lot of extra variables can make things needlessly difficult.

Can I support Hitman Roulette by donating?

The question asked by no one ever, but I'll answer anyway - yes, by using this link.


Special thanks to:
- Arctice for making sense of the original code and refactoring it.
- Dribbleondo for making the banners/logo, for adding three of the four Patient Zero missions, and for adding the HITMAN 2 Expansion Missions.
- Winterbirds for HitmanMaps
- r/hitman for helping gather data on Hitman 2 weapons, disguises and exits